Sanding and Refinishing Hardwood Floors in McKinney, Texas

About a half hours drive outside of Dallas, you’ll run into the small town of McKinney, Texas. A rapidly growing, wonderfully scenic town once named the “#1 Best Place to Live” by Money Magazine. Quite unlike the larger sprawls of bigger cities, McKinney boasts the small town cultural advantages many people look for to settle down and live their dream life.

These are just a few reasons why the Deep Reflections Floor Co. set up shop in the region. Providing custom hardwood floor installations for the over 180,000 permanent residents of McKinney, Texas has been instrumental in the company’s growth and expansion for many years, and the relationship between company and community continues to develop to this day.

Any realtor worth their weight in salt will tell you that in today’s booming real estate market, homeowners are beginning to see the value of remodeling their homes instead of buying a new one. Even though it is a seller’s market, many people are reluctant to relocate if they do not have to. Seeing remodeling as a way to improve their environment without having to change jobs, schools, leave friends and make new ones etc. is quickly becoming the preferred choice.

One of the best ways to alter the current appearance of an existing home is the repair and refinishing of hardwood floors within the existing home. Ground-in dirt and grime, scuffs, scratches, and other types of wear and tear along with various other types of damages can lower a homes market value, as well as simply being unattractive to the homeowner.

Let’s face it, not too many people think about the maintenance of hardwood floors until theirs are ready for major cleaning or repairs. Dragging feet, a pet’s claws, and a house full of children can definitely put any flooring through its paces, and any floor left unattended to will eventually begin to show the effects of heavy use.

As more homeowners are choosing to stay and improve their houses in lieu of moving, companies like Deep Reflections Floors are finding more opportunities to help them when it comes to repairing issues such as water damaged hardwood floors, and adding on to and matching hardwood floors.

How Hardwood Floors Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home

There is nothing quite like the look of a quality hardwood floor installation. Anyone who has lived with hard, cold tile, or ugly linoleum flooring will admit that they would rather have a more attractive option.

Many times these other types of floors exist only because they are in dire need of being updated to a more modern look. Some may choose these products due to budget constraints, or other cost-saving considerations. But, in the long term, nothing is going to give a home the regal, polished, and cultured look of a professionally installed hardwood flooring option.

There are numerous styles, species, colors, and durability levels to choose from when it comes to hardwood flooring. One of the biggest advantages to a hardwood floor over other types of flooring is the ability to maintain, and even to completely refinish a hardwood floor when the time comes.

This is way better than the alternative of having to completely reinstall tile, or outdated carpet. A wood floors installation project may be a bit more time consuming and expensive on the front end, but when it comes to beauty and durability nothing beats the timeless allure of a wood floor.

Once a hardwood floor is in place the maintenance is minimal requiring only that it be cleaned, and cared for in the usual way. The hardness of wood allows for more liberal activities within the home alleviating the concerns of staining a carpet, breaking a tile, or easily being scratched and damaged the way lesser flooring materials do.

Aside from its durability, wood comes in a variety of choices to meet any homeowner demand. Wood is natural, durable, and extremely customizable making it the perfect choice for anyone in McKinney Texas wishing to give his or her home a facelift to last throughout the ages.

Does Your Existing Hardwood Flooring Need Refinishing?

Perhaps your home already has wood flooring installed in it, but the years, and the heavy traffic of everyday life has taken its toll and they are in desperate need of refinishing to bring them back to life. If that is the case, you will be happy to discover that wood floors have the unique ability to be stripped, sanded, and returned to its original beauty with very little effort.

Deep Reflections Flooring has been doing this very thing to floors around McKinney for over a decade and they have their process down pat.

Refinished hardwood floors is a cost effective and inspirational way to liven up n existing floor and give a home a brand new look and feel without having to replace the entire living area. A true professional, such as the ones you’ll meet at Deep Reflections, may even be able to save you further costs by simply cleaning and polishing your existing hardwood floor depending on its surface condition.

That’s the beauty and allure of true hardwood floors – with proper care and maintenance, it will literally last you a lifetime and more with very little effort.

What is a Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors?

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Perhaps you are one of the millions of design-oriented homeowners who like the look and feel of an old, distressed wood floor, harkening the days when dwellings were as rough-hewn as the lives of the people who lived in them.

Well, you’re in luck!

A process known as “Hand Scraping” will give you the aesthetics of a well-worn and aged floor without the actual damage aging brings to all things. The secret only you and the installer will know is that the floor is newly resurfaced.

However, another “secret” that only you and your installer will know is no real secret at all; hand scraping hardwood floors has been around since the beginning. Before technological advances made it possible for machines to pump out perfectly flat, smooth wooden planks, hand scraping was the only method for hardwood floor installation.

For places with a deep historical background, like McKinney, there are plenty of older homes and buildings where keeping the floor’s antique appearance is very much desired. Hand scraping is the perfect way to accomplish this look.

This unique style of custom residential hardwood floors refinishing is a time honored skill that offers original beauty and historical accuracy that is much more cost effective than replacing the existing floor. However, these days, there are machines that have been designed to give this ancient appearance without the labor intensive efforts of the old ways, so don’t expect your installer to show up in overalls carrying a wooden box of planes, scrapers, or other archaic tools.

More on Hand Scraping Methods:

There is some debate on how a hardwood floor should be hand scraped. However, it really comes down to what you want to see, and how you plan on using your floor.

If you choose to go with hand scraped floors across the grain you will end up with a floor that looks quite rugged and rough- hewn. The action of moving across the grain will disrupt the smooth flow of the wood fibers giving it a sort of rough, unfinished appearance that is great for heavy traffic areas, or areas where children and pets will spend a lot of time.

The roughness of the cross hewn method already looks a bit “scratchy” so any other marks left by animal’s claws, or a child’s toy will be easily camouflaged by the wood.

Hand scraped hardwood floors across the grain are generally the first step before continuing on to the polishing step of hand scraped floors with the grain anyway, so it is really a matter of which look you prefer. If you do not like the cross grain look then it is on to the next step of scraping the wood down going with the grain.

By scraping your hardwood floors with the grain, you are now aligning your floor more to its natural state. Going with the grain allows any rough, or splintery surfaces to be smoothed out and appear shiny and polished.

Just be aware that a floor that has been hand scraped with the grain, although more elegant and attractive, will be more susceptible to scratches, dents, or other damage.

Best Hardwood Floor Installers in Texas

When it comes to refinishing, or resurfacing hardwood floors there are a number of important decisions any homeowner will face. Aside from the color, stain, and species of wood that will most fit your home design, who you choose to do the installation work may be the most important choice of all.

Deep Reflections Flooring Co. has been providing this service to residents of McKinney, Texas for over a decade and has established one of the most respected reputations for high quality, professional hardwood floors installations in the entire state.

As a long-standing active member of the local community, Deep Reflections Floor Company specializes in all types of custom hardwood floor installations. Work is never outsourced, or passed to outside contractors and all work is guaranteed.

Whether you need waxing, buffing, restorations, complete removal and installation, or simply have a ton of questions you need answered, you’ll find everything you need at the Deep Reflections showroom.