- hardwood floors Dallas - hardwood flooring Plano - hard wood floor refinishing Frisco TX Our hardwood floors in our Plano home are exquisite.

Our hardwood floors in our Plano home are exquisite.

By Michelle

Friday, April 18, 2008
When we moved into our home in Plano it had hardwood floors throughout the main floor.  The floors were in poor condition so we had to have a hardwood floor refinisher come into our Plano TX home.  The job he did on our Hardwood floors was amazing.  The man that came to repair our Hardwood floors had been a hardwood floor refinisher in Plano TX for twenty years.  His experience was very obvious.  While he was repairing our Hardwood floors in our Plano home we had minimal dust and mess.   We were simply amazed that one man could do a job this size by himself and it looked so incredible when he was done.  I'm thrilled with the work this hardwood floor refinisher did in our Plano TX home.  He also took the time to explain how to care for and maintain our Hardwood floors.  We’re sure we’ll be admiring our Hardwood floors for many years to come.