Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors

We specialize in custom wide plank hand scraped hardwood floors.  Our hand scraped hardwood floors are the most resilient and the most forgiving wood floors in existence.  You have the option of degree of texture (light, medium or rough) and appearance.  All of our hand scraped hardwood floors are smooth to the touch and very easily cleaned with a simple dust mop.  You will never have to worry about getting splinters from the floors or snagging socks or stockings on our floors.  These floors are can be scraped across the grain, with the grain, scraped and distressed in other ways.  It is completely up to you, your taste and your style. 

Our hand scraped hardwood floors come with a five year warranty and are absolutely beautiful.  They require no maintenance other than a periodic polishing which we provide as well.  We have mastered the art of scraping floors in all types and styles.  You will love the look of your new floors for years to come.  You may have seen other floors around that were hand scraped but not done right and are rough, hard to clean and do not hold up very well.  These are not our floors.  Once you have seen our hand scraped hardwood floors you will have a new idea of what these hand scraped floors should look like and appreciate the durability and strength.  Because these floors have texture to them, scratches, scuffs, dents and bruises do not show up like a smoothly finished floor.  This is why people with children and dogs prefer the hand scraped floors over the smooth finish.  These floors can take a real beating and still look brand new. 

Call today to set up your free consultation and estimate or set up a time to come in to our new showroom to see the many types and styles available.  Our experienced staff can answer any questions which you may have.

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