Dust Containment

Deep Reflections Floor Company is the best in the area for dust free sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors.  In fact we pioneered it here in Dallas.  We use the most powerful and effective dust containment systems in the world.  We use trailer mounted dust containment systems which collect the dust at the source and pulls it through hoses into the containment unit.  We do not use dust bags on our machines.  You will have no clean up to do afterwards. 

We are proud of our accomplishments in perfecting the actual dust free floor finishing environment.  These systems do not run on electricity.  These systems are gasoline fueled and water cooled so we do not need to use electricity from your house and there is no unit inside your home to deal with.  All of our machines are designed to work with these units and are very effective in the dust collection process. 

We do not work for builders, all of our work is strictly for homeowners whom the majority live in their homes and do not want any dust to have to be cleaned up after the floors are finished.  We all know what kind of mess that can be so we have been focused on providing dust free services for over 5 years.  We have excellent references upon request.  You do not have to live through a dust storm anymore when it is time to refinish your floors.