Custom Hardwood Floor Installation in Frisco TX

With a population of over 177,000 happy residents, Frisco, Texas has become one of America’s standout communities. Not only is the historical city known for being a major sports hub, having been named “Top Place to Raise an Athlete” by Men’s Journal in 2011 it has also been crowned the “#1Place to Live” by Money Magazine in 2018.

There is a lot going on in the once tiny town of Frisco. The U.S. Census Bureau reported it to be the fastest growing city in America in mid-2017. With the huge influx of fresh homebuyers in a seller’s market, many people are finding that fixer-uppers are an economical way to get into a new home.

That means there is a lot of remodeling and refinishing of existing structures going on. One of the growing businesses that have supported Frisco for over 10 years in this area is Deep Reflections Floor Co.

Deep Reflections have been handling all of the city’s hardwood floors installation needs from new homes needing new floors to historical landmarks requiring repair and refinishing of hardwood floors.

There is much to learn about wood floors installation if you are one of the many new homeowners to Frisco choosing to take this route with your floor. It is unwise to begin sanding and refinishing your homes existing floors without first consulting with a qualified professional with years of experience, and who understands the qualities of wood, and how it behaves over time.

Jumping right in without the proper research and preparation could result in unforeseen damage that could ruin your existing floor.

If your home’s flooring has seen its final revitalization, then Deep Reflections Co. has a private showroom in the Frisco area where, by appointment only, you can sit down with a qualified consultant and make the best decision on how to proceed with any custom residential hardwood floors installation.

After your beautiful new flooring is installed, it is vital that you learn how to perform the proper maintenance of hardwood floors.

What’s Best for Cleaning and Polishing Hardwood Floors?

After you have finished all of your wood floors installation and everything is in order, it is time to consider learning the ins and outs of keeping it looking good for many years to come.

How you go about cleaning your hardwood floors depends on the type of finish your floor has, or if it has no finish, what type of wood has been used.

If your floor is surface-sealed, as most new floors are, using products like urethane, or polyacrylic, then your floor will easily resist stains and will not likely suffer the fate of a water damaged hardwood floor. To clean just sweep it up, mop it, and that’s about it.

For hardwood floors that have been soaked in a penetrating seal, or another type of oil-based product, you should be more cautious of what products you use to clean the floor. It is recommended that an oil specified liquid or paste flooring wax be applied.

There are also lacquer, varnish, shellacked floors, and even unfinished floors to consider. If you know your floor falls into one of these categories understand that these are not quite as protective of your wood as other types of sealants already mentioned. Use the recommended liquid, or wax polish with more caution as these types of finishes are much more prone to discoloration of the improper cleaning, or polishing product is used.

If you don’t know, or are unsure as to which type of flooring you have in your home you can perform a quick test by rubbing your thumb across the surface of the floor. If your thumb leaves a smudge then it is likely that your floor has been treated with a penetrant such as varnish. If no smudge appears then you probably have a surface sealed floor.

What Types of Wood Are Best for Hardwood Floors?

There are quite a number of options to choose from when it comes to picking your homes hardwood flooring. Here is a short list of some of the more popular selections consumers have made in the past.

  • American Cherry
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • White Oak
  • Hickory
  • Yellow Pine
  • Walnut
  • Red Oak

These popular wood selections have been chosen due to their beauty and hardness rating as determined by the Janka Hardness Rating. This system of determining the hardness of wood has been in use for almost one hundred years. The only thing to really understand is that the higher the Janka number given to a wood the harder it is.

Let’s have a look at some of these hardwood flooring species and talk about some of their qualities and ratings.

Red Oak is one of the top chosen woods for hardwood floors due in part to its variations in color which range from a smooth reddish-pink to smokier shades of brown.

White Oak is a close cousin to Red Oak but varies in its greyish brown undertones. It is a harder wood as well boasting a Janka rating of 1290. Because of its ability to last and the stability of its strength, White Oak has been used for the flooring of boats, and the making of wine barrels for hundreds of years.

Walnut is another popular choice for hardwood floors installation. Also known as Black Walnut because of its deep, chocolate brown coloration, this species has a very natural look and feel, and reacts warmly to light. The additions of knots and grains alterations within the wood make it very pleasing aesthetically.

Maple is hard enough to attain a 1450 Janka rating and can be found growing mostly in the northern part of the U.S. and Canada. A pale hardwood, the colorations can vary from board to board you may see some striations of brown and black minerals throughout the slabs.

Birdseye Maple is a beautifully unique pattern of tiny marks that appear to look like small eyes making it a popular flooring choice.

With these and many other selections to choose from, homeowners will have plenty of options and things to think about when the time comes to install new hardwood floors.

What Are Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors?

No matter how badly a wood floor makes appear to the untrained eye, an experienced craftsman who understands wood floors can take one look at a floor and see its hidden beauty. A pro can also take one look and tell you if its even worth it to try and salvage an existing floor.

One thing that can be considered when adding on to and matching hardwood floors of existing structures is properly matching the grain patterns so as to give the floor a smooth flowing, naturally occurring appearance.

That part of the installation can be affected by the manner in which the floor is scraped. There are generally two schools of thought on the subject of hand-scraped hardwood floors; they can either be scraped with the grain, or against the grain.

When thinking of hand scraped floors across the grain you should envision a rough, unsanded, natural looking surface that highlights subtle flaws in both the texture and appearance of the flooring.  Although slightly harder to clean, the rugged appearing cross grain scrape is an excellent choice for high traffic areas, and homes with children and pets with claws that can ruin a more polished looking floor.

Handscraped hardwood floors with the grain are smoother, more polished, and elegant looking floors best suited to dining halls, bedrooms, and entertainment areas of the home. This style of scrape can be work until the floor looks almost as if it were covered in glass.

Extra care should be taken on floors hand scraped and polished to a high finish to protect its glossy shine.

Frisco, Texas has a lot going for it. Not the least of which is being home to a hardwood flooring company with experience in every single type of hardwood flooring installation situation imaginable.

The company has thousands of successfully completed projects under its belt and has implemented hundreds of visually stunning designs to its credit.

Combine that with 27 years of experience and you’ve got yourself a team of experts willing to jump right in and help you answer any hardwood flooring installation question you could possibly ask.

Being the fastest growing city in America can come with some unexpected challenges, but deciding which company to use to install hardwood floors successfully just got a lot easier.

For more information contact Deep Reflections directly and make an appointment to visit one of their consultants at a nearby showroom where you can sit down, take a breath, and get the help you need from someone who knows all about it.