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Water leak in house ruined 1,400 sqft of 1,800 sqft of solid hardwood floors. Deep reflections removed the remaining 400 sqft of existing hardwood flooring and installed, sanded, scraped, sealed, protected, etc 1,800 sqft of solid hardwood flooring.

Member Comments:
We had a water leak in our home that ruined 1,400 sqft of 1,800 sqft of solid hardwood floors. The restoration company removed the 1,400 sqft of ruined hardwood flooring leaving our foundation exposed. We wanted to get the new hardwood floors in as soon as possible so I contacted 3 hardwood flooring companies, The first company was from a realtor referral, and the other 2 companies I found here on Angieslist. It was very important to us to have the best quality work done. A hardwood floor is like a permanent piece of furniture. So on Angieslist I looked for companies that specialized in SOLID hardwood floors, not engineered hardwood floors. I preferably wanted a company that all they did was solid hardwood floors, not a company that occasionally did solid hardwood floors in between tiling, engineered hardwood, or carpet jobs.

I had the 2 top rated hardwood floor companies on Angieslist (Deep reflections was #1) plus the realtor referred company come out to my home and give me a quote. The #2 rated company on angieslist said that they can replace the hardwood floor and match it perfectly to the remaining hardwood floor. I was extremely skeptical as even the insurance adjuster said that to truly match the new hardwood floor with the existing one, the existing floor would have to be sanded to down and re-stained. The realtor referred company was much better. They said that they can match the hardwood floors but would have to sand down the existing hardwood floor in order to match color. Joe Robbins from Deep Reflections came out and said he could match the floor, but would have to sand down the existing floor to match the color. In order for the new and existing floor to be the same height, he would have to sand down the new floor a lot so affectively we start out with a hardwood floor significantly thinner than a new floor would be. In his opinion it would be better to rip up the existing hardwood floor and install all new hardwood floors, and if we did that we can choose the wood, stain, scrape, everything. We really liked that idea a lot. Why didn't either of the other companies suggest that? It was VERY OBVIOUS that Joe was passionate about doing quality work and extremely knowledgeable, and he went into great detail about the different scrapes, his 10 yr warranty, the commercial protective layer he uses, and how companies are supposed to do the work and how they tend to cut corners. It was also obvious that Joe was a perfectionist and cared a lot about his company's reputation. To us it was a complete no brainer to go with Deep reflections. We didn't do apples to apples price comparisons with other companies, the other companies didn't earn the business, they just wanted to get a job done quickly (in my opinion), and I am sure we wouldn’t have been happy with the results. Our original hardwood floor was 2.5" flat sawn red oak select, and Joe recommended 5" quarter sawn white oak common #1. The quarter sawn will prevent/substantially lessen the gaps you get between planks that you get over time (we already saw that with our flat sawn red oak and it was only 6 yrs old). Also my wife liked the color variations and patterns in the quarter sawn. I liked the fact that white oak is stronger than red oak, and the 5" width planks are now what are being installed in new homes.

INSTALLATION: First the remaining old wood floor and the new wood floor was installed over 2 days. Joe's install crew was awesome!! Very respectful of our home, very clean, very good job. They cleaned up after themselves more than any other contractor I have used!

The new wood had to acclimatize for 2 weeks, and in our case we had to get more done to our house due to the water damage, so it ended up being 4 or 5 weeks before the floors could be finished.

FINISHING: John (Joe's brother) and his crew were awesome! Very knowledgeable, extremely respectful of our home, and it was obvious that John like Joe was a perfectionist. The first part of the finishing was the sanding. I had heard horror stories from our friends of dust everywhere when they had had their hardwood floors installed. Joe's company has the dustless sanding system. I was really skeptical, dustless huh? yeah right! that surely can't be true. I came to the house after the sanding was done as I was really concerned about the dust. John and his crew had put plastic everywhere, just in case, but I was still concerned. At first I had thought that they couldn't have done the sanding. I literally licked my finger looking for dust and couldn't find it. The dustless sanding was incredible! Once the sanding was done, filler was added to the floor and then John did some sample scrapes and stain colors so that my wife and I can choose the stain and scrape we wanted. John showed us his favorite stain color and scrape and we went with his recommendation, it looked awesome. Finishing took 6 days and John and his crew even worked Saturday and Sunday to make sure it was finished in time (we were staying at a hotel when the finishing was happening). John and his crew were extremely tidy and clean through the whole finishing process; I came to the house every day. On the final day the plastic was taken down and I was so very pleasantly surprised to see that there was no mess, no dust in addition to what would have normally been there after 1 week. And after the last coat of the protective layer we got to see the finished floors. They were incredible! We couldn't have been happier, and we couldn't have been happier with the whole experience.

We would highly recommend Deep Reelections and will absolutely use them again in the future!